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About Samantha 

Samantha is a performer, personal trainer, and business owner born and raised in Virginia. She attended Wagner College in Staten Island, New York, where she received her B.A. in Theater Performance with a minor in Dance. 

Growing up, she was known has "twinkle toes" in her hometown. Sam has been around theater since she can remember because of her Dad. His creativity with building and designing sets quickly helped Samantha fall in love with everything on and off the stage. After years of performing as a kid, she decided she would take a giant leap of faith and move to New York City. 

Although she is a southern girl at heart, she quickly came to realize the city was her favorite place in the world. (And the bagels weren't too bad either) 



A lover of movement 

In addition to her performance career, Samantha has worked as a certified personal trainer for over six years. Her love of dance helped her realize her passion for understanding the body, how it moves, and how we can keep it healthy and happy for the longevity of our career. Right before the pandemic, Samantha met the man of her dreams, who currently serves in the Army. Through his career, she met some of the bravest people, including the families and loved ones of those who serve. Because of the hold on performing during COVID, an idea sparked within her.
Samantha saw the toll this took on the world, and decided it was time for her to start a business in helping others achieve their fitness goals. That is why she started; Weighing for Warriors. 

At W4W, she strives to support military families and spouses by providing them with personal training programs, nutritional programs, and emotional support. To this day, Samantha continues to train hundreds of military supporters, and performers, helping her two passions collide into one. 



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